Eradicate black markets and tax evasion

Countries all over the world struggle to control ecommerce fully including areas such as illegal online gambling, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and adult etc which can damage each countries society overall. Criminal networks can launder cash through these gaps and more importantly Governments are potentially missing millions if not billions in potential revenue streams. These markets are growing year on year along side ecommerce as a whole.

With many websites both local and foreign to the country offering so many services this could also mean monies are being spent offshore and the opportunity to tax becomes more difficult.

Sentinel is a unique transaction processing system that can help Governments and financial institutes bring all ecommerce services under control and apply tax or charges easily. With expertise in over 93 countries, a world class team spanning years of experience we can effectively help you gain control in the E-commerce sector which in turn helps create a safer society and help eradicate black markets and sever unwanted payment methods. The sentinel system gives full control and monitoring of transactions and allows a strict rule of conduct for companies to adhere to. The system allows daily payment to be made to the Government or financial institute. We can control such payments as bank transfers, debit/credit cards, crypto currency, e-wallets etc and can monitor and control any newer payment methods that come into the market.

With the expansion of online e-commerce merchants, the traditional high streetstores are finding it difficult to compete.

Benefits to governments when adopting the Sentinel System

Tax Collection

  • Significant online tax revenues delivered to governments.

Transaction Monitoring

  • 100% transparency of financial transactions between a country’s consumers and e-commerce merchants.
  • Ability to reduce citizen’s ability to transact with unwanted sites at the government’s discretion.

Control and Oversight

  • Sentinel levels the playing field and hands full control to government over e-commerce merchants and multinational corporations.
  • Oversight of merchant’s behaviors and responsibilities, including oversight of all revenues.
  • Using Bank level security and 256 bit encryption for any data sent over our network and never storing any personal details means using Sentinel is safe and protects all users.

Enforcement and Eradication

  • The Sentinel reporting tool will generate intelligence on all e-commerce merchants from millions of transactions.
  • Merchants attempting to circumvent the Sentinel system will be black-listed and excluded from the market (at government’s request).