How We Work

UK based Fintech company E-Technologies Global Limited have developed the Sentinel National Payment Gateway which when adopted by a government can drive digital VAT/GST collection at source in real-time from a country’s e-commerce industry. Sentinel is a technology system which provides governments with the ability to funnel all online transactions between end customers and e-commerce domestic and offshore merchants through one single payments portal. Sentinel provides an immediate ability to apply effective taxation-at-source and the specialist capabilities of the Sentinel team ensure e-commerce merchants do not actively ‘work around’ the system.

Sentinel empowers government to fully monitor all e-commerce transaction activity, control and enforce offshore and domestic e-commerce merchants.

Key Issues

  • Tax avoidance/tax evasion practiced by multinational corporations and e-commerce merchants backed by foreign investors
  • Require mechanism to collect VAT/GST for online transactions
  • Appetite to tax the e-commerce industry without inhibiting growth

Our Proposal

    E-Technologies Global propose to install for governments the Sentinel National Payment Gateway system which will:

  • Channel all e-commerce payments through a single transaction processing platform
  • Levy VAT/GST automatically at source during every single onpne transaction
  • Sever payment methods employed by offshore, tax-evading e-commerce merchants
  • Defeat all known payment processing workarounds employed by e-commerce merchants who try to circumvent the system

The Sentinel system is robust and well-proven, It can be setup and operational within a few months at no cost to the government and once operational is capable of payments to governments for VAT/GST every single day. The system produces actionable intelligence on all eCommerce merchants integrated with it.

In short, Sentinel is an empowerment tool which hands full control over e-commerce merchants to government regulators and ministries.