The Market evolves and so do we

People are always looking for an opportunity to beat the system, we plan to further evolve our technology to help Countries and Governments keep their people safe whilst transacting online.

Fin-Tech Evolution

We are building APls tllat will make it easier to collect tax at source, preventing users from trying to cheat the taxation system.

This will allow taxes to be calculated and collected at source which will in turn:

  • Reduce transactions into the grey market
  • Enable customer to Government transactions giving
  • more transparency to the Government whilst helping to reduce crime

Also evolving is our security, we are further looking to strengthen authentication, using multiple technologies including biometrics whilst fully complying to GDPR regulations.

Our technology roadmap will help us better serve Government and Consumers


  • Discourage grey transactions and give better traceability
  • Ease to increase tax revenues
  • Technology will allow ability to flag suspicious transactions and activity


  • Secure and easy access
  • More convenient and ease of use
  • Built in record keeping

Latest Technology




Current Future Developments

  • Pre-verified identities
  • Robust fraud prevention with strong authentication including biometrics/PIN aligned with GDPR
  • Age scanning capabilities

As the global e-commerce market grows year on year country by country so does the looming threat of theft, fraud and identity theft. We are developing our systems in a way to further strengthen against these threats, further helping countries protect their users. Using the latest technologies and adhering to high standards we can help protect all our users and create a safe reliable environment they trust.

The Sentinel system is robust and well-proven, It can be setup and operational within a few months at no cost to the government and once operational is capable of payments to governments for VAT/GST every single day. The system produces actionable intelligence on all eCommerce merchants integrated with it.

In short, Sentinel is an empowerment tool which hands full control over e-commerce merchants to government regulators and ministries.